Welcome To Oldham Learning

Oldham Learning is the improvement partnership for Oldham schools. We are led by local school system leaders and supported by Oldham Council.

We are committed to achieving excellent outcomes for all of Oldham's children and young people.

Our Mission Statement

Our core purpose is for all children and young people in Oldham, including the most vulnerable, to be knowledgeable, kind, confident and articulate; achieving good outcomes that include, but go well beyond, standardised assessment data including closing the additional inequalities that Covid-19 has led to.

To enable this core purpose we advocate:


School to school support

Schools to work collectively to enhance their provision and to offer mutually supportive school to school support.


HighQuality Curriculum

Every school and college to offer an aspirational high-quality curriculum, that meets the needs of a diverse population, including the most vulnerable and those with SEND.


Expert Practitioners

Every staff member to feel valued and encouraged to engage in professional learning opportunities to become an expert reflective practitioner.


Values-led Culture

Schools to have a cohesive, self-aware and empowering values-led professional culture of learning, including credible peer support with agreed outcomes to improve practice and provision.


A System That Helps Us Achieve Our Collective Aims

An Oldham learning system that helps us achieve our collective aims: through providing evidence and challenge on our collective strengths and areas for improvement that enables us to align our work with high quality wider services.

happy students at Oldham Learning community schools
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Our Priorities

Our 5 year strategy is built around six interconnected themes:

image of a child wearing a mask for Oldham Learning

Quality of Education

Championing excellence in leadership, teaching, curriculum, educational experience. 


Attendance & Inclusion

Advocating inclusion, avoiding exclusion, limiting absence, prioritising vulnerable children


Early Years

Setting the foundations for learning through high quality support for child development from pre-birth to 5.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Supporting children to thrive in school and in their lives,



Providing the right support and opportunities for all children. 


Post 16

Diverse options, inspiring careers advice and guidance, transitions and support. 

For the 2023/24 academic year, we are prioritising Attendance, SEND and School improvement through partnerships.

Our Plan


The local plan for transforming our educational system and improving outcomes for children and young people was developed in consultation with the stakeholders.

As aspirations we want:


    All children and young people in Oldham to reach their potential and have the opportunity to be part of the thriving communities and inclusive economy that our borough aspires to.


    Inclusive, high-quality schools for all that support children and young people’s aspirations for their future; achievements in school; equip them with the life skills they will need; and promotes their mental & physical health and well-being.


    To close the gaps in attainment across our borough and between Oldham and national comparators

    Our approach is to view the educational experiences of our children and young people at a whole system level, to understand all the elements that need to work together better to improve experiences and outcomes for all. We will take a collaborative approach, taking collective action as partners, to create individual and place-based solutions to the challenges of improving outcomes for all children and closing disadvantage gaps in Oldham.