About Us

What We Are Doing

Oldham Learning is a partnership led by local school, college and system leaders.

All the schools in Oldham are members and, in partnership with them, we are committed to driving school improvement, and supporting and sharing excellent practice.

All Oldham's schools are automatically members of Oldham Learning.  This gives them access to the free CPD offer and a voice in shaping the new school improvement offer.

We have been in place since 1 September 2020. During our first 2 years we will:


Consult with schools on the development of a new school improvement model and manage the continued school improvement support activity.


Support the allocation of funding for devices for disadvantaged pupils, sharing practice and providing support around digital learning.


Create a central CPD offer for school staff that is easily accessed through our website



Work with schools and partners to support on COVID recovery strategy development


Establish permanent governance arrangements



Develop a professional development offer which will allow us to attract and retain the best teachers in Oldham


Develop sustainable strategies for evaluating the impact of Oldham Learning

Our Origins

Oldham Learning was established following 18 months of discussion and consultation led by the Oldham Education Improvement Strategy Group (OEISG).  This group was formed to consider the challenges that Oldham's schools and children face, and recommend ways to drive beneficial change.

The OEISG had wide representation from Oldham's school system leadership and included other partners, such as the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Department for Education.  At the end of their time, the OEISG recommended the formation of Oldham Learning and developed our vision and priorities.

The Oldham Learning Board has representatives of all phases of schools, colleges and academies as well as The Director of Education for Oldham Council, the RSC and DFE.

Oldham Learning is currently funded by the Oldham Opportunity Area and Oldham Council, which means our CPD offer and other support is free of charge to Oldham's schools and staff.  You can find more information on our CPD page.

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